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Bridging the Gap Between Business & Technology

Information technology(IT) and business are undeniably interdependent - yet there exists a perceived gap between technology and most other business units.  Whether it is a difference in perception, culture, language, goals, or any combination thereof, the gap impacts both the IT business unit and the corporation as a whole.  The riff is not, however a vast chasm.  It is bridgeable through knowledge, understanding, and cooperation.  This article examines the misperceptions shared by IT and traditional business units and provides direction on how to bridget the gap between IT and business.  Click here to read the entire article.

Proactive Business Recovery Planning

Our world is in a constant state of change and motion -  the weather changes, the economy changes, our competitors change, our markets change, our technologies change. We often find ourselves wondering what would happen if too many of these changes occur at the same time. How ready would our business be if something were to go wrong - a loss of power, a virus or hacker attack, a physical or technical disaster? Could our business recover? Read the entire article. Read the entire article.

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