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Sunminers+LIMITED is made up of hard wurking people with fine tuned skills, and our accomplishments continue to gain recognition.

Here you will find information, news, and stories about Sunminers+LIMITED, our staff, services, and events we're involved with.

Please continue to check back later to share in the excitement!

SunMiners Recommends Info World

It is all most impossible  to get left behind in the IT world while subscribing to the Info world new letters. Both our staff and clients finds it a value add relationship.

SunMiners Recommends Computer Weekly

But really, Computer Weekly does not need this recommentdation, as an award will be more in line, for the services they have provided to the IT industry as a whole in the past decade.

Seeking God : The Debates

One thing that both believers and non believers agrees on the importance of seeking knowlegde with an open mind. A great start place of this debate is youTube website, type in "Rev Jimmy Swaggart Debate". Surely, we work very hard to acheive our materistic weath, power rand  position and just as important (i say more) is out spriually wealth, power and position. Most definitley you will meet some interest personalility on our quest, do learn from them and not be mislead by them ( A Sound Decision Making Process is Required).

God Blessings, Guidance and Protection be with all

Sunminers+LIMITED is proud to serve on the community in whatever capicity we can.

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